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Brits Opt For Healthy Takeaway Dishes to Aid New Year Weight Loss

Press Release: January 14, 2010

Since New Years Day, the UKs leading online takeaway portal www.just-eat.co.uk estimates that 36% of its orders have been healthier option takeaways, due to customers still wishing to enjoy takeaway food whilst also trying to lose the Christmas pounds.

In order to aid hungry consumers with their takeaway choices, Just-Eat has released a list of the healthiest takeaway options for people looking to trim down this New Year whilst still treating themselves, all available from restaurants across the UK online.

Here are Just-Eat.co.uks healthiest takeaway options by the five most popular cuisines, including vegetarian options:


Chicken Tikka with half a Naan Bread = 390 Calories
Dhakla (Lentil dish) with half a Naan Bread = 335 Calories


Lemon Chicken with Steamed Rice = 210 calories
Mushroom Chow Main and a Vegetable Spring Roll = 250 calories


Two slices of Thin Base Pepperoni (medium pizza) Pizza with half a Garlic Bread and Salad (no dressing) = 380
Two slices of Cheese and Tomato (medium pizza) Pizza with half a portion of Potato Wedges and Salad (no dressing) = 410 calories


Thai Green Curry with Chicken, stir fry Vegetables and a Spring Roll = 550 Calories
Soup, Tom Yam (Hot & Sour) followed by Thai Banana and Green Chilli Salad with one Spring Roll = 310 Calories


Small Chicken Shish Kebab with Pita Bread and Salad = 240 Calories
Small Kofta Kebab with Pita and Salad = 260 Calories

A user-study by Just-Eat.co.uk of 1,086 people found that 92% of women are aiming to lose weight in the New Year, compared to 48% of men. Despite the fact that 72% of women said theyd happily replace their takeaway favourites with a healthier option, just 18% of men agreed that theyd do the same.

David Buttress, UK MD of Just-Eat.co.uk said:

The New Year will always bring new aims and goals; however these healthier takeaway options are available all year round and are a fantastic option if you are looking for low-fat alternatives. Certain fast food chains have given takeaways a bad reputation, but when you order from independent restaurants such as the 4,000 we are partnered with, you are getting hand prepared food, with no longevity-enhancing additives.

He continues:

There has been a noticeable rise in healthy options being ordered via our site since the New Year, a time when many decide theyd like to get into better shape. Treats are an important part of any weight loss effort, so I hope this list of healthy takeaway options is of some use!


For further information, or to speak to Just-Eat, please contact Charlotte Horsfall, of 10 Yetis Public Relations Agency on 01452 348 211, charlotte@10yetis.co.uk


Just-Eat was founded in Denmark in 2000

Just-Eat services 35,000 meals a day

Just-Eat have received and dealt with more than 7,000,000 meal orders

Just-Eat has 3800 restaurants signed up to its UK site and uses its patented Just-Eat technology to offer a seamless on-line ordering service including latest menus, over 105,000 customer reviews, secure card ordering and automatic confirmation of orders and delivery times.

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