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British Politicians Offered New 'Transparency' Service For General Election

Press Release: December 15, 2009

A new online reassurance and reputation resource, KwikChex.com is offering a service to British politicians that will enable them to become far more transparent and informative. It would enable the public to see, at a glance, what value they provide as public servants.

The service is being launched in January to coincide with the build up to the UK general election and will allow both incumbent Members of Parliament seeking re-election and also candidates contesting seats to provide comprehensive, detailed information that voters can use to help them decide who to vote for.

Current MPs will be able to provide information on aspects such as:

* Up to date expenses
* Their parliamentary and political work records
* Time spent and work carried out in their constituencies
* Charitable activities
* Policies and opinions on important topical issues

They will also provide biographical information, including areas of particular expertise and contact details,and can comment on all the information they provide for greater clarity.

Other candidates contesting seats will be able to provide detailed information on themselves and how they will serve the public. They will advise on their own policies on the same key topical issues and can make specific commitments on issues such as expenses, including their accommodation arrangements should they be elected.

Additional features will include online surveys which will give a near real-time indication of the popularity of all those standing for election, plus a moderated feedback and response system to increase information flow, and a glossary explaining the terms used and the processes involved in British politics.

A KwikChex spokesperson said: "We first approached the three main political parties a while ago and recently had a consultative session with an MP to help determine the scope of the resource. Everyone that we have discussed it with has been keen on it, because it is universally acknowledged that there is a very urgent need for much increased transparency - indeed, David Cameron used the words 'full transparency' just the other day. The KwikChex resource enables that to take place now. He added: "The lines between party policies are becoming less distinct - and the need for individual integrity is becoming paramount. Hopefully, this resource will prove very popular with both politicians and the public and will assist in starting to increase trust and overcome apathy."

The initiative has also attracted attention from other countries, including the USA - and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's office is following the updates on Twitter.

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