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British People Do NOT Believe Police Can Recover Stolen Property, Survey Claims

Press Release: November 05, 2018

The majority of UK residents are concerned that the police will not be able to recover stolen property in the event their house is burgled — and they are right to be worried. In a survey of 1,200 members of the British public, respondents were asked if they trusted the police to recover their stolen possessions. The data revealed that:

78% of British people don’t believe the police are capable of recovering stolen property
Despite nearly 8 in 10 people placing a lack of confidence in their police force to recover stolen goods, reports suggest many are actually overestimating the ability of law enforcement to solve cases.

- New figures for 2018 show that upwards of 95% of burglaries go unsolved

- This statistic has risen since 2017 when the figure was 90%.

Conducted by security brand All About Safes, this latest survey was designed to highlight public concerns about personal property security.

“The purpose of this survey is to put a spotlight on the risks of home security. Figures show that we do not, and cannot, expect police to recover all goods in the event of a burglary,” comments Dean Ryan, Director of All About Safes. “You have to keep your belongings safe yourself. Nobody is going to do it for you.”

Around 500,000 residential burglaries take place every year, and the data exposes common anxieties around stolen possession recovery. With budget cuts continuing to plague British law enforcement and damning reports emerging last year of crime rates rising by 10% across the country, the consensus of opinion among the British public clearly matches up with current policing results.

“If you don’t have confidence in local law enforcement, it comes down to personal responsibility to secure the property. Shoring up possession safety by investing in security features, such as cameras, high-grade locks and safes, is paramount to ensuring your belongings remain where they should,” Mr Ryan continues. “With a lack of resources and little evidence to pursue cases, it is little wonder that police are unable to reclaim stolen valuables. By putting barriers in place to prevent criminal activity, you can not only keep your personal property safe but also help police do their jobs and catch perpetrators.”

For full details visit: https://www.allaboutsafes.co.uk/blog/police-unlikely-to-solve-break-ins/

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