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British Organic Babywear with a Twist

Press Release: March 21, 2019

London, UK (19th of March, 2019): Teddley London is pleased to announce the release of its very first collection of GOTS certified organic baby garments, now available from its website at www.teddley.com

The concept of the “Tales of Teddey” brings something that is missing from the baby apparel: clothes that tell a story. Teddley’s baby essentials depict the adventures of a curious little Brit character experiencing life, just like a new baby does. His adventures come to life in an inspiring and engaging way. Teddley’s designs are the result of a team of young and talented graphic artists working with simple yet elegant lines, vibrant colours and a touch of British sophistication.

Teddley London is the work of a group of parents, eager to develop the healthiest and safest baby clothes. Crafted out of the purest organic baby cotton, Teddley’s signature fabrics present hypoallergenic, high end soft and breathable properties. The brand relies on the world's leading processing standard for textiles for the certification of its products graded with the strictest mark 1 ‘organic’. This means that the presence of certified organic fibres is greater that 95 percent in all its garments. On top of that, it ensures that both ethical and environmental criteria have been up kept during the entire manufacturing process.

Join us as we witness Teddley embarking on the most amazing journeys. Where will his next chapter be? Find out more at www.teddley.com and on social media using the handle

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