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British Jews Protest Against Brexit By Seeking Overseas Passports

Press Release: April 08, 2019


Israeli company Campus is offering professional support and legal representation to British descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Jews whose ancestors were expelled from those countries, as a looming Brexit prompts Jews to seek passports from European countries from which their forebears were expelled.

A dedicated and experienced team at Campus is providing a specialised professional service to assist the Sephardic community (descendants of Jews who lived in the Iberian Peninsula until 1492 in Spain and up to 1497 in Portugal) with each stage of the process involved with reclaiming their entitlement to citizenship in accordance with the amendment to the Spanish Citizenship Law of 2015, or to exercise their eligibility for citizenship and a Portuguese passport.

Working in partnership with the World Federation of Spanish Jewry, Spanish rabbis in Israel, Jewish communities, local governments across Spain and Portugal, and senior genealogists, Campus also liaises with legal firms, notaries and heads of state in Spain and Portugal to ensure a smooth and clear process for the client, from assessment of eligibility, acquisition of proof documents, command of the Ladino language, to exam preparation and ultimately the realisation of entitlement and granting of citizenship.

In this time of political unrest and the status of British citizens in the European Union increasingly unclear, the value in owning a foreign passport has never been greater. Following the United Kingdom’s 2016 vote to leave the European Union and particularly in the lead-up to the March 29th Brexit deadline, seeking out citizenship in other European Union member states has become both a pragmatic and ideological form of protest against Brexit for many members of the Jewish community.

After obtaining Spanish or Portuguese citizenship, Campus clients can also apply for a passport, which offers a whole host of added benefits including automatic eligibility for US visas, the ability to live, work and study in all European Union countries, and opportunities to invest in real estate through local bank financing and more.

Campus is offering free consultations to anyone who believes they may be eligible for Spanish or Portuguese citizenship. If customers are eligible, and choose to exercise their entitlement to Spanish or Portuguese citizenship, Campus offers a fully integrated professional service, including close accompaniment throughout the process and full representation with all relevant parties.


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