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British Car Finance Company, Carvine, Study Worst Car-Polluted Cities in UK

Press Release: October 15, 2019

Alarming statistics suggest Manchester, Swansea and Leeds the top three heavily-populated and polluted metropolitan areas in United Kingdom; carbon dioxide emissions cause of significant damage to atmosphere.

Merseyside, UK – October 2019–Researchers in the United Kingdom have conducted studies suggesting “significant damage” to the atmosphere over the British Isles has been caused by carbon dioxide emissions, with companies such as the UK’s own Carvine looking into the worst car-polluted cities in the United Kingdom.

According to Carvine, Manchester, Swansea and Leeds top the list of the most heavily-populated and polluted metropolitan areas in the UK, what with Manchester in particular posing an alarming threat due to its output of 13 micrograms per cubic metre – a staggering three points above the agreed-upon limit of “10.”

As one of the business hubs of the UK and with cars entering and leaving the city on an enormous scale, Manchester sits among the metropolitan centres spitting out unacceptable levels of pollution, causing problems not only for the environment but for human health.

Likewise, Carvine’s analysis has revealed that Swansea – being one of only four cities in Wales in such close proximity to the M4– also boasts a pollution level of “13,” the metropolis having grown in recent decades through a plethora of regeneration efforts.

“Our reliance on fossil fuels and our need for transport – via cars in particular – has resulted in pollution rising to unheard-of levels,” explains Carvine’s Chris Lowdon. “We are now experiencing changing weather patterns, increased temperatures and more, all of which has come from this need to rely on fuels that ultimately damage the atmosphere; in fact, our research has shown that there are more cars than ever before on the roads of the UK.

“We here at Carvine will always be in support of vehicles becoming cleaner and with more environmentally-friendly alternatives so we can all begin to make a change for a better future.”

Some 25 cities were researched for Carvine’s worst car-polluted areas list, with the aforementioned Manchester, Swansea and Leeds taking the top three positions and Wolverhampton, Southampton and Salford representing the bottom three.

All three of the cities at the bottom of the list were rated as exuding a 10 micrograms per cubic metre output of pollution.

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