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Bristol Book Launch: Kurios by Elizabeth Moya

Press Release: February 02, 2018

New illustrated children’s book Kurious by Bristol-based author Elizabeth Moya is due to be launched on Saturday 17th February 2018.

Elizabeth Moya’s debut book Kurios will delight and entertain children and the young at heart alike. With stunning illustrations by the author, the characters come to life on the page and immerse readers in a magical world. Celebrating the importance of friendship and dealing with the challenges of feeling alone or out of place, this is a brilliant and heart-warming adventure.

Moya is a mixed media artist, illustrator and art psychotherapist. The original idea for Kurios came to her over 40 years ago. It was after a turbulent period in her life, in which she too had felt alienated from her familiar world. Living in a new place in England, she was thinking about what to do next when the storyline and pictures for ‘Curiosity’ - as he was then known - began to take shape.

Two years ago, after putting aside ‘Curiosity’ for so long, she returned to the book and renamed the catlike creature at the centre of this story ‘Kurios’. She now lives in Bristol with a cat who likes to get involved by relaxing on top of her artwork.

There will be a launch event at The Playfull Toyshop on Saturday 17th February 2018 between 12 – 3pm. Moya will perform a special reading of Kurios and copies of the book will be available for signing.

Reviews for Kurios have included:

“It is a fantastic story with lots of imagination, cool creatures and stunning illustrations.”
- Pelle Colwey, Aged 8

“Sometimes all you need is a friend to help you find your voice. In this magical story the delightful Kurios and his older wiser tiny friend Ommkin set out on a quest and in the process discover they have more in common than they knew.”
- Juliet Harvey, Teacher

“Kurios is an exciting tale about a lost creature who wakes up in a foreign land and discovers he has become a giant. Afraid and confused by his new state and new surroundings, Kurios finds a friend in Ommkin, a very different type of creature who opens his eyes to this new world while helping him to find his way back home. As well as creating an easy to read, captivating story, Moya also highlights the importance of helping one another, regardless of a person’s background, and depicts the friendship which can be built from this.”
– Emily Ridge

When: Saturday 17th February
Time: 12 – 3pm
Where: The Playfull Toyshop, 87 Gloucester Rd, Bristol BS7 8AS
Entry: Free

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