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Bristol based publisher Arkbound have just launched the latest edition of their flagship publication, Boundless

Press Release: August 04, 2017

The quarterly magazine features an exclusive interview with reclusive UK graffiti artists Banksy, a provocative article on the impacts of climate change in 50 years, a look at Bristol’s ballooning heritage, and a gallery of creative work by people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Steve Mcnaught, Editor, says of the magazine: “It’s fair to say that this is our best edition of Boundless yet. Each edition seems to get better than the last, and we have taken on board continuing feedback from readers to improve the content and design. It has also been possible to provide opportunities for disadvantaged people to get experience in journalism and the media, and many of these have been behind the content creation. There have been plenty of obstacles and set-backs, but we have persisted to make the magazine something that represents good value, innovation, and positive social impact.”

Earlier in the year Arkbound managed to raise over £8000 from a crowdfunding campaign, with 61 people making individual donations to keep Boundless going for years to come. “As well as letting us continue to do important environmental coverage,” Mcnought notes, “this funding has also allowed us to generate future journalism placements.”

The introduction page to Boundless reads:

‘We seek a world in union, where all people and communities – regardless of their creed, colour or background -can find common purpose to achieve their dreams. We want to help create a more open and accountable society, where people are not afraid to speak out; where injustice, corruption and oppression is exposed. At the same time, we aim to give a voice to marginalised groups, allowing alternative perspectives and fresh insights to be shared. Much of our content is contributed by people suffering some kind of exclusion. We actively give organisations that see to improve their communities a platform. Boundless has a focus on the future, believing in the empowerment of young people, whilst advocating sustainable living.’

Hard copies of Boundless are available for £1.99 or a digital copy can be read for free at http://arkbound.com/magazines/

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