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Bright Future as Masterbuilders Taste the Big Time

Press Release: December 22, 2009

Globally renowned Midlands production team collaborate with Stonesthrow Queen Bee, Georgia Anne Muldrow to release their most illustrious record to date.

Already achieving copious radio play throughout the world, Future Licks EP is Masterbuilders foray into the truly global limelight, with a release that not only features the famous, dulcet tones of Stonesthrow Records Georgia Anne Muldrow, but is also a release of epic proportions with superbly produced tracks to satisfy all environments.

The name Future Licks was coined by Masterbuilders chief, Patrick Howell, otherwise known as P, as the EP is the starting block for a succession of releases featuring re-workings of the three superb pieces of music. Being the brains behind the Midlands-based outfit and also the chief songwriter and producer, Ps additional production can also be heard on the opening track, Cant Stop, Benny Beatz Mix.

The release features remixes by some very notable producers, starting with Benny Beats remix of cant stop, described by P as an urban eclectic dancefloor pleaser and features the beautiful vocals of MX, as well as Ps own production input.

Broke, an exquisite down-tempo boogie track reworked by KM3, boasts not only the vocal talents of LaSkeema, but also Stoneshrow Records very own Georgia Anne Muldrow. Future Licks will also satisfy those who prefer Deep House, as rising talent Christo brings the release to an end with his detroitesque interpretation of Never Never.

What also helps this fantastic release to stand out further is the fact that it will firstly be released on 30th November through the ethnical download store, YoYoTrax, a more artist-friendly store that P himself has played a pivotal role in developing. It will then be made available on 2 January through most leading download stores.

Download Press Pack here - http://www.m8mc.co.uk/promo/masterbuilders/futurelicks/masterbuilders_future_licks_ep_presspack.zip

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More Information: Masterbuilders
Masterbuilders was conceived in 1995 by Patrick Howell and Justin Stride, later joined by Justin's partner in Southern Divide, Liam Dart. Today Patrick remains the central member, working together with a choice selection of other talented producers & musicians.

Probably best known for the house classic Blend, Masterbuilders are by no means restricted to one genre, with vastly varied releases showcasing their ability to genre-cross from house to dub-step, nu-jazz, breaks, hip-hop, pop, nu-disco, d&b, soul, liquid funk, electronic, tech-house and electro.

Patrick writes all the material for the Masterbuilders, and he first began writing whilst running a hip-hop/R&B sound system (called Icelove) in the late 1980s. A year has rarely gone by when Masterbuilders have been out of the playlists and charts of the pivotal players.

Label: http://www.masterbuildersrecordings.com/welcome.php
MySpace: www.myspace.com/masterbuilders1
Tel: +44 (0)115 714 9878

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