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'Brexit: A Drawn-Out Process', a new book by cartoonist James Mellor

Press Release: October 24, 2019

A Cartoon Journey Through The Brexit Impasse.

Little did prolific cartoonist James Mellor know just how much the long-running Brexit debate was going to take over his life for the past three years until almost everything he was asked to draw involved the ongoing battle between Leavers and Remainers. The Rushden-based illustrator has now captured his favourites in a new book published on the 24th October.

‘Brexit: A Drawn-Out Process’ features more than 100 of James’ cartoons depicting both sides of the argument because, as he puts it so well: “I’ve sought stupidity in every corner and it hasn’t been hard to find.”

In the £9.99 paperback the cartoonist has stepped back from the arguments and laughed at the mess from an outside perspective with humour, mockery and satire. “In a divided society, humour is something which still serves to unite”, he remarks. “Responding to difficult times with a smile is a very British response: far more useful than vitriol and poison which is all too apt to infect political debate on the issue.”

In the summer, James was to be found drawing giant cartoons of political leaders Johnson, Swinson, Corbyn and Farage on the Kent coast as part of the Herne Bay Cartoon Festival. At other times the 36-year-old’s work is to be found in myriad national publications and the corporate world (websites, newsletters, blogs and on social media).

James’ previous book, Drawn From History, received wide acclaim. Gregg Wallace, host of BBC’s ‘Time Commanders’ and ‘Masterchef’ said: “Bringing history to life through cartoons is genius”. Others have called the work ‘splendidly witty’, ‘hysterical history’, and an ‘entertaining opportunity for readers to engage with history’.

A History graduate from the University of York, James Mellor lives in Northamptonshire with his wife Rachel, daughter Talitha, son Elias and a small, sociopathic cat called Hera. He hopes the new book “cuts through the waffle to mock those who hold responsibility” as cartoons are in demand more than ever as a catharsis and coping mechanism which educate and inform.

Adamant that the publication is not about taking sides but rather illustrating the stupidity, the artist acknowledges the unwitting input of “the incompetent and ridiculous politicians of Westminster and Brussels, without whom there would be no book.” He acknowledges professional support from many quarters, not least the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation and the Cartoonist’s Club of Great Britain.

In his Foreword, Lee Robertson from the Guild of Entrepreneurs notes how: “It takes a rare talent to be able to make some sense of a subject as fraught and divisive as Brexit, let alone be able to draw insightful, witty and thought-provoking cartoons on the subject.”

Brexit – A Drawn-Out Process is published on 24 October by Filament Publishing Ltd 16 Croydon Road, Beddington, Croydon, Surrey CR0 4PA, United Kingdom.
Telephone: +44 (0)20 8688 2598

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