Press Release: March 19, 2010

Performance SEO from Lemon Interactive is a breakthrough SEO service and counters all those traditional companies offering monthly charges and delivering very little. Traditional SEO services work by charging a set up fee and then a monthly recurring fee in order to deliver high rankings within search engines. With Performance SEO from Lemon Interactive, there are no recurring charges but instead a plan of charges based on improved rankings only.

Paul Sagoo, Director of Lemon Group, parent company of Lemon Interactive, said, With Performance SEO you only pay on results for your SEO services. We take all the risk and if we dont succeed there is no cost to you, what could be better! One of the big issues that clients tell us is that they dont know how to measure the return on investment for SEO, so with Performance SEO we take care of this issue and provide a complete breakdown of rankings and costs.

When asked how Performance SEO works Paul said, Well there is a multi stage process. Firstly we review your site and understand your business model in depth. Next we help identify the keywords that will make a difference to your business, rank them and produce a report for verification. Then we use a complex algorithm based on market costs to determine a menu of rankings and charges for those rankings. Once agreed, we start the program at our risk. If the clients dont rank, they dont pay, simple!

Performance SEO is only the start of Lemon Interactives offerings designed to change the traditional business models that most companies rely on. Performance SEO is available from Lemon Interactive now and falls part of their overall SEO services and Symbiotic suite of products.

About Lemon Interactive
Lemon Interactive is a global technology services and outsourcing company. Lemon Interactive collaborates with its clients and partners to help them achieve their objectives for the long term. Lemon Interactive are headquartered in the UK with a major development centre in India. For more information on Symbiotic, please visitwww.lemoninteractive.co.uk. Please direct all press enquiries to press@lemoninteractive.com. Lemon Interactive is part of Lemon Group International Ltd (www.lemongroup.com)

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