Home Breaking: Startupfive Ranked Among 18100 Company & Website in US

Breaking: Startupfive Ranked Among 18100 Company & Website in US

Press Release: April 06, 2021

US Advertising and Marketing Company Startupfive has been ranked among 18100 companies and Websites by Alexa, The company Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mr. RJ Suitor made this disclosure earlier today in a brief meeting with his Nigerian partners.
The company reached this milestone within a short period of its operation.

According to Mr. Suitor, this achievement is evidence that the advertising company (Startupfive) has the strategy to push small and medium businesses to their peak.

Mr. Suitor also announced that the advertising company will be setting up six regional branches in Nigeria Africa to promote small and medium businesses in Nigeria.

Startupfive specializes in a start-up business or nonprofit branding,  on how to get customers or supporters to your venture be it a home-based online site, a nonprofit, or to your brick & mortar business.

Startupfive as a foundation in bitcoins black will adopt the Bitcoin black cryptocurrency as a method of payment from small and medium businesses willing to promote their businesses with Startupfive.

According to Mr. Suitor Small and, Medium businesses will gain more from Startupfive.

The CEO also announced that 25 businesses will be used as a case study to prove the effectiveness of its advertisement model within a short period of time.

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