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Brandmasta, one of the Best Freelance Online Marketplaces

Press Release: May 04, 2020

A brand new online freelance marketplace called Brandmasta is taking over the digital world.

Brandmasta is unique and different from other platforms out there due to their unique approach of a “No commission per service” meaning Freelancers(Sellers) get to keep all the money they make and only pay a monthly fee as low as $2.99 and the best part is, you have the option to pause your service at anytime.

Let’s say you are out on a vacation, or sick in the hospital or you even decide to get a break from work and don’t want to be booked for the period you are away? You simply Pause your service and Restart whenever you are ready to begin accepting gigs again.

Whether you’re looking for a graphics designer or looking for a writer for your next book or project, or booking an influencer or getting your website designed, Brandmasta has all the solutions you need for your next project. And the best part is; they offer a 24 hours customer support which means they are there exactly when you need them.

Visit www.Brandmasta.com to get started with that Project you’ve been pushing back and oh, if you are a Seller, you actually get a 14 days free subscription by using this CODE: BRANDMASTA or refer 5 friends to Brandmasta, and when they sign up you each get a 30 days free subscription.

Email info@brandmasta.com with any questions you may have.

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