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Brandly Collective wins A’Design Award for the DeafUP application

Press Release: October 01, 2020

Brandly Collective received the silver award for mobile application design from the world's largest design competition A 'Design Award & Competition. The trophy is awarded to the digital agency for the DeafUP application, supporting the professional development of deaf people in Eastern Europe.


The prestigious A’Design Award honors the exceptional design, technology, and creativity of DeafUP. The application will be showcased at the "Best Designs of the Year" exhibition in Como, Italy, and in a special print edition. The project leader and CEO of Brandly Collective Zlatina Petrova also received a "Designer of the Year" nomination.


"Brandly Collective’s mission is to help social entrepreneurs and companies build sustainable digital brands, projects, and businesses and improve the environment around us. This award is recognition of our hard work and proves that we are on the right track. We are honored to accept it”, CEO Zlatina Petrova claimed.


The DeafUP application allows deaf people to work with hearing mentors in video chats with a sign language interpreter, learn through video tutorials with subtitles, and text. It is designed as a native iOS application and the team plans to create a version for material design.


"DeafUP is building a bridge between deaf young people and hearing experts from different business areas. The application aims to support the inclusion of deaf people, to help them to be equal professionals, to gain competitive practical experience, and to realize their potential for the benefit of society” - Zlatina Petrova claimed.


The design of the application was created in partnership with the Listen UP foundation, protecting the rights of deaf and hard rearing people in Bulgaria, and is based on their study revealing that in 2019 in Eastern Europe out of 60,000 deaf young people only 1% are independent and active. The survey was conducted through focus groups, public discussions, round tables, telephone interviews, and meetings.


DeafUP is expected to play a significant role in empowering the deaf to be more active in the hearing world. At the same time, the app will allow hearing people acquire new skills related to the visual culture to understand deaf people better. The project starts in Eastern Europe to support the deaf community in the region but has the potential to become a global initiative. 



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