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Brand Leader Model CSR Report: Brands need a new CSR perspective and holistic approach to become relevant to consumers

Press Release: November 24, 2015

Today, Seventy Agency released the third edition of its Brand Leader Model report series. The focus is on how to use CSR to strengthen brand positioning. The report reveals insights about changing consumer mindsets and provides inspirational best-practice examples of innovative, credible CSR initiatives.

During Christmas, the season of goodwill, brands are busier than usual with philanthropic activities to show their charitable personalities. But the notion of doing good consistently - rather than just seasonally - as an effective differentiation strategy to address shifting consumer preferences toward socially responsible brands, is increasingly taking hold. So how can you approach CSR and integrate it into your brand strategy in a way that truly makes a difference?

• This report explains how to activate your brand positioning through the Brand Leader Model, a strategic tool conceptualised by Seventy Agency.

• It zooms in on leading brands, which have achieved their goal, by taking a step away from the traditional CSR perspective of compliance and philanthropic "make up", towards a new model of co-creating value for both their business and society.
• By viewing CSR from this new and creative lens, coupled with a holistic approach, businesses can become more relevant for their consumers by strengthening their brand while continuing to expand their business offerings.

Moa Correia, Manager, who co-authored this report, commented:
"Leaders of tomorrow will build CSR into the core of their business and ensure that the way it is executed strengthens their overall positioning. Seventy Agency's proprietary Brand Leader Model helps you navigate the complex landscape of brand building to develop CSR strategies with real impact."
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Moa is available for further comment and can be contacted on +46 (0) 700 06 27 38 or via e-mail at moa.correia@seventyagency.com

About the Brand Leader Model
Being a brand is not easy. What direction should you choose today, and how should you evolve, when the time comes? The Brand Leader Model, a strategic tool conceptualised by Seventy Agency, provides focus and the answer to such questions. It captures four key personality traits of leading brands. What position you want your brand to take, should also set the direction for your CSR strategy.

To develop it, we have extensively studied established leading brands and tomorrow’s disruptors, to categorise and simplify their key personality characteristics. Credit should also be given to Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers, as their widely used personality indicator has laid the foundation for how we’ve developed the model.

About Seventy Agency
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The agency helps companies anticipate the future, find great opportunities, redefine their markets and establish brands that drive their businesses. Seventy’s solutions are based on concrete analysis by combining hard facts, creativity and reasoning to make strategies both innovative and effective.

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