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Brand Experts Launch An Innovative Executive Certification- "You As A Brand"

Press Release: April 08, 2020

The newly launched innovative executive course "You As A Brand" is based on "Synaptic CRM Gap®"- an innovative, scientific, and patented (in process) metric.

It reveals the components of a professional “imprint” and Career Brand Equity trajectory to enable you to maximize the return on investment from your personal brand and professional experiences.

You learn to devise strategies for managing professional reputation by Creating a Personal Brand Management Metric through "Blueprinting Synaptic CRM Gap.®"

You engage in an informative, interactive and fun course & understand how building a professional image contributes to developing a strong career/business- It doesn't just give you the principles, it also lays out for you a step-by-step practice regimen.

You get everything you need to practice in one robust program

             Innovative, New Copyrighted "Synaptic CRM Gap® Blueprinting" Worksheet

             Complete set of guides on Personal Branding elements

             Action planners to put your plan into action

             Audio/Video based content

             Step-by-step instructional workbooks, checklists and worksheets

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