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Press Release: May 15, 2020

BrainMAX Mind Engineering Program

BrainMAX is the world's most advanced psychology-based Mind Engineering Program. It is built upon the internationally accepted psychology framework named "The Unimind Metamodel".

BrainMAX is developed by Mr. Nitnem Singh Sodhi, who is also the creator of The Unimind Metamodel. He himself conducts all the BrainMAX sessions to ensure the best quality and experience of mind engineering.

BrainMAX is the world's first and one of its kind Mind Engineering Program that psychologically re-wires and engineers the brain to help the person unlock & reach his maximum potential. BrainMAX upgrades the brain psychologically and teaches how to hack the mind so the person can unlock & use the natural mental powers extremely easily.

BrainMAX Mind Engineering Program benefits people by removing all types of fear, anxiety, depression, negative emotions, negative habits, negative behaviour, and by naturally building a psychological "shield" that permanently protects the person from all these things. BrainMAX gives total freedom from all past memories, past experiences, failures, bad habits, addictions, and teaches people how to focus on their present and future. BrainMAX increases people's focus, awareness, alertness, concentration, creativity, innovation, I.Q., memory, grasping power and also helps them in learning new things more quickly and developing new positive habits more easily. BrainMAX gives people a massive huge boost to self confidence, self motivation, self respect and teaches them the secrets of psychology of how to maintain these. BrainMAX also teaches people how to read other people easily and how to become a great leader / manager with effective communication skills. BrainMAX improves the physical stamina drastically and enables people to excel in sports, athletics and bodybuilding naturally as a result of above mentioned benefits, and it also boosts efficiency and productivity in all works effortlessly.

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