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Brace yourself to reveal the secret of Vaibhav Palhade's Second Novel ‘Crimson Breathe’

Press Release: September 25, 2020

Finally the long and torturously suspicious wait is getting over! ‘Crimson Breathe’ the second creation of Vaibhav Palhade during this pandemic is all set to get released by Google Books on the 10th of October this year. After captivating millions of readers with his first novel 'Sajna Re: A life long journey of finding her', this young yet best-selling author is all set to take the readers on a mysterious ride this time. Previously the date was 25th August which got postponed due to the pandemic and its consequences.

Initially the poster of Palhade's second novel had the title Hidden Hand, which left the readers in huge suspense and curiosity. Even though ‘Hidden hand’ was successful in creating a hype among the readers, Vaibhav was not satisfied and later changed the name to Crimson Breathe. This cute yet thrilling love story is going to bring out the hopelessly romantic personality along with that hunger to know what's going to happen next, that hides somewhere in the mind of the readers. The twist in the climax adds up to make the ending more unpredictable. Are all the enchantingly beautiful things in our life actually having a good influence on us or do they have a dark side concealed under that superficial layer of charm? We’ll let the readers find that out.

Gifted with unique writing skills Vaibhav already made his presence very significant in the Marathi Film Industry as an extremely talented director, editor and writer. Lockdown may have some major disadvantages, but this young and optimistic personality made the best out this. Vaibhav, with his unusual writing pattern landed his first novel amid the pandemic resulting him to become a new sensation in the world of bibliophiles or more precisely romantic novel fanatics. Sajna Re is available worldwide both on/offline and has been translated into multiple languages. Vaibhav comes from family with no background in the entertainment industry and is a complete self made personality. He has a massive amount of fans going crazy over his work and looks at him as a youth icon. His outstanding talent can be seen in some of his thriller short films and his first novel, which earned huge appreciation globally. With his creative imagination, expertise, dedication and hardwork, he is all set to gift the readers another extraordinary piece to obsess over by October and two more novels by the end of this year!

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