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BPA in Thermal Paper Banned in Illinois, USA

Press Release: September 11, 2019

Illinois has become the latest US state to introduce regulations covering bisphenol A (BPA) in consumer products. On August 26, 2019, the Illinois governor signed bill HB 2076 into law, prohibiting BPA in thermal paper.

The new law amends the state’s Environmental Protection Act and prohibits BPA in thermal paper. The law defines the thermal paper that is covered as that which is coated in BPA. This type of thermal paper is often used for banking and business records. For example, for receipts, credits, withdrawals, deposits and credit or debit card transactions.

The prohibition on BPA in thermal paper will come into effect on January 1, 2020

Illinois is now one of three territories in the US to regulate BPA in thermal paper. The others are Connecticut and New York’s Suffolk County. California includes BPA in its Proposition 65 (Prop 65) list of chemicals and, since May 2016, there have been several settlements/judgments connected to BPA in thermal paper. One settlement included a reformulation to less than 10 ppm.

In Europe, BPA is restricted in thermal paper in countries of the European Union (EU) under entry 66 to Annex XVII of REACH. In Switzerland, both BPA and bisphenol S (BPS) are regulated in thermal paper under its Chemical Risk Reduction Ordinance (ORRChem)

Manufacturers of thermal paper are now advised to make sure their products comply with the relevant requirements of their target market.

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