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Boris Johnson vs Theresa May at UK Rock Paper Scissors Championship?

Press Release: November 18, 2017

The game of rock paper scissors is arguably the most preferred method for instantly settling disputes – be it deciding who puts the kettle on or who pays for the next round of drinks. However the organisers of the UK Rock Paper Scissors Championship have realised that the appeal of rock paper scissors could extend to much higher plains, in fact as high as the government.

For the experienced player there is a lot of bluffing and putting out mixed signals. There are the less well known ruses of ‘Cloaking’ and ‘Shadowing’ and of course the more dubious tactic of psyching out opponents. People will always go to extreme lengths to gain that extra advantage.

So how much worse could the government do by settling decisions with a bout of rock paper scissors instead? David Davis and his opposite number Michel Barnier could decide Brexit not by endless meetings, but with a game of rock paper scissors. Endless arguments in parliament could be decided with a quick game across the despatch box and Philip Hammond and his opposite number could decide the budget this month, not by number crunching but with a game of rock paper scissors. Who knows income tax could fall because McDonnell beats Hammond, the British economy somehow improves all because McDonnell threw rock against Hammond’s scissors!’

For any politicians interested in a bit of practice, the 11th UK Rock Paper Scissor Championship will take place in the Crutched Friar pub in central London on Saturday 18th November 2017. The popular knockout tournament will see 150 competitors battle through the rounds with the sole aim to be crowned UK Champion.

The idea of the game is for two people to go head to head, using one hand to imitate either a rock (clenched fist), a piece of paper (flat hand) or a pair of scissors (two fingers in a V shape). Rock beats (blunts) scissors, paper beats (wraps) rock and scissors beats (cuts) paper.

Sally Raynes, Event Director from Wacky Nation says, “Politicians aside, this is the perfect night out for groups of friends, work groups and sports teams. It will be four hours of wacky fun, excitement and tension and plenty of drinking; the best thing is that absolutely anybody could walk away as the UK Champion.”

Alongside the main tournament there will also be the return of the very popular RPS Challenge, allowing individuals to play against anyone in the room using a stake of fantasy money. As the night goes on the money stakes will get bigger and bigger with some people betting hundreds of pounds of RPS fun money on one match. At 10pm the tension and excitement will notch up a gear as the two competitors with the largest amount of money battle it out to find the ultimate RPS Challenge Champion.

The contests will run between 6pm and 10pm and the venue address is the Crutched Friar Pub, 39 – 41 Crutched Friars, London EC3N 2AE.

If you would like to find out more and register to take part, go to www.wackynation.com/ukrps


Notes to Editor

UK Rock, Paper, Scissor Championships - Tips

Don’t think that the game is all down to luck, there are actually strategies for winning rock paper scissors. Here are just a few things to think about…

1. Men are more likely to throw a rock on their first throw - if you play a bloke, throw a paper
2. Throw scissors - If you come up against an experienced opponent, throw scissors. They will never throw rock at first.
3. Study your opponent - do they look aggressive or passive? Can you imagine them throwing a rock or are they more a paper type?
4. Taunt the opponent! - tell them what you think they will throw and they may throw the opposite. Tell them what you will throw and expect them to think you’re bluffing.

Notes to editors

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