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Press Release: December 11, 2020

People address us by how we look or our appearance. Therefore, we need to look our best at all times. Although we are all created differently and uniquely, there is a standard that we all want to meet in terms of beauty and wellbeing. That is why we have beauty spas to help us with that. They are not there to change us but enhance our inner and physical beauty. Among the best beauty spas in Los Angeles is Beverly Hills Med Spa

That offers various treatments to enhance and restore physical beauty. We have highly skilled doctors and physicians who have years of experience treating different medical conditions that affect our inner beauty. To get treatments, we encourage our clients and patients to book appointments, which is relatively easy to do online on our official website. We offer treatments such as facials, where we help our customers enhance their facial beauty. 

Our faces are what people focus on when addressing us. If there is something wrong with your face, it will show. At Beverly Hills Med Spa, putting your best face forward is what we believe in because our faces represent our identity. Our highly trained beauty elevators have everything it takes to guide you on your journey to attain every aspect of physical beauty. They will help you elevate and maintain the youthfulness in you. 

Besides the face, our bodies speak volumes about our personalities. Everyone needs to try as much as possible to eat well and stay in good shape physically. Our bodies are beautiful already, but we can still do a few things to enhance our inner and outer beauty. Since our bodies are subjected to change over some time, Beverly Hills Med Spa has medical specialists to help you slow down these changes so that you can retain your beauty. 

We have various customs plans curated just for you. Among the skin treatments that we offer at Beverly Hills Med Spa is a spider vein removal therapy. In this treatment, we use a treatment called Sclerotherapy to eliminate varicose veins and spider veins, which makes our skin look weird. This kind of procedure leaves a long-lasting effect in treating such a skin condition. A solution is injected into the vein of a patient who has spider veins, which irritates the blood vessel's lining, causing it to collapse. 

This forms a blood clot, and with time, the vessels will turn into scar tissues that fade from view: Dr. John Kahen, an award-winning aesthetic surgeon from Beverly Hills who established Beverly Hills Med Spa. With our anti-aging solutions, we aim to help people get unparalleled aesthetic results. The patient's beauty is enhanced with technology such as SmartPRP®, a patent-pending platelet-rich plasma treatment. 

When restoring natural beauty, no one should complement as that will show that the changes are noticeable. Restored beauty should be seen to make it realistic. All patients who walk into our spa have unique needs. That is why we treat them uniquely to ensure we meet their desired needs. We take time to devise customized treatments to ensure that all our patients are well catered for. We help heal our patients' skin by smoothening through waxing. 

The results are a year-long hairless skin smoothness. Dr. John Kahen combines his undisputed medical skills, innovation, and years of experience to deliver expected results. Walking in our spa, you can rest assured that you are in good hands, and you will walk out happy with what you are going to get. "I treat each of my patients as I would treat a member of my own family and only make the kind of recommendations to them that I would make to someone dear to me." Dr. Kahen. 

About Beverly Hills Med Spa 

Beverly Hills Med Spa was established by an Award-winning Aesthetic surgeon called Dr. John Kahen. They focus on offering unparalleled aesthetic results through the best anti-aging solutions that include his patent-pending platelet-rich plasma technology called SmartPRP®. 

For more information about Beverly Hills Med Spa, head over to their website at https://www.beverlyhillsmedspa.com/


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