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Book of Poems Written by a Young Person with Autism

Press Release: February 11, 2019

'Tick Tock, It's Time to Listen' is a brave new poetry collection written by 19-year old author Lauren Smith who is based in Bristol. It is due to be published on 1st April 2019 and a book launch is scheduled to take place at Weston Museum.

A collection of perceptive and emotive poems that depict life on the autism spectrum. Reflecting on the school and college years, the poems highlight difficulties that people on the spectrum face, including anxiety and maintaining friendships.

Through these poems, Lauren aims to inspire a change in people's perception of Autism and encourage a positive attitude towards those with the condition. The book seeks to provide those living with autism something to relate to, whilst giving an insight into Autism Spectrum Disorder for those who want to increase their understanding.

Lauren was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism and at times finds it difficult to understand the world and express herself, and so she turned to poetry as an outlet for her feelings.

Lauren enjoys fundraising and volunteering for different disability charities. She aims to set up her own autism awareness business, in which she hopes to deliver training to professionals and offer one-to-one support.

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