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Book My Crop — A Boost to the Agricultural Ecosystem of India

Press Release: March 12, 2021

Book My Crop is a unique online platform that aims to connect farmers and buyers of India. In Book My Crop, buyers get direct contact number of farmers whom they can get in touch with, based on availability of crop or distance for further business. Farmers get connected with best buyers from different parts of India through Book My Crop which generates scope of increase in their income. Both farmers and buyers are joining Book My Crop almost on every minute basis which has now made it a forum of more than 20,000+ farmers. With each farmer offering distinct kinds of fresh local crops, the number of crops categorized in Book My Crop is now 8+. With this brief understanding about Book My Crop, lets quickly look at its advance features that make it one of a kind portal in the agricultural sector of India catering to boost in business for both farmers and buyers:

1) Book My Crop has 8 categories of crops — Vegetables, Fruits, Pulses, Grains, Spices, Flowers, Herbs, Non edible and others.

2) With ‘Popular’ crop feature in Book My Crop, farmers and buyers get an understanding about the crops with maximum demand in Book My Crop that has potential of highest money making.

3) In Book My Crop, buyers can check farmers and their crops from their own location or even set their preferred location.

4) Buyers in Book My Crop can set distance diameter range up to 500 Kms when looking for farmers.

5) There two ways of finding farmers in Book My Crop — distance wise and crop wise.

6) For marketing crops of buyers, farmers can include crop photos and videos in Book My Crop in their profile. This helps to maintain authenticity as well.

7) In Book My Crop, buyers get direct contact number of farmers for direct communication. Farmer profile also has information that helps buyers to make an in-depth understanding about their profession, location and crops.

8) Book My Crop can be used in three languages — Hindi, English and Gujarati.

For more information about Book My Crop — India’s fastest growing agricultural website primarily aimed for farmers and buyers, please refer to https://www.bookmycrop.com/.

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