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Book by Physician Assistant Goes Behind the Scenes of Medicine

Press Release: September 23, 2015

The physician assistant profession is one of the fastest growing in the United States--and being tried in England. Even so, hardly any books about it—other than Boards reviews and “How-To-Get-Into-PA-School” type guides—exist. It is not easy to find a PA-written book that is a personal glimpse into a PA’s professional life.

Seth Wittner PA-C decided to make a dent in this lack of PA writing. He shares stories about the most unforgettable patients, cases and clinicians from his sixteen years (and counting) as a PA in “True Tales from a Physician Assistant.” (Available on Amazon.com as e-book $5.95 and softcover $9.95).

Wittner wrote from the heart and included for the brave of heart a few tales of poorly run practices (with all details changed) along with accounts of the most inspiring medical work of which he has been a part. His goal was to provide an honest account of some very interesting experiences along with some food for thought.

One tale reveals why a capable, caring ear surgeon would advise a healthy deaf boy to go without cochlear implants for the time being.

Another takes the reader along with the author to his first PA position—in a county jail, where he was responsible for 250 male and female patients. The obstacles to providing good care that were set up by guards and others may be surprising.

And who, exactly, did Wittner do his first suturing on in eight-plus years on after that break from everything but suturing? (Imagine the most nerve-wracking.)

Prior to becoming a PA, Seth Wittner earned a B.A. in Mathematics and an M.A. in Scandinavian Studies (after working as a dance academy pianist in Norway after graduating from Reed College). He worked professionally in music for twenty years in Los Angeles and has won awards for music composition with several works having been performed by professional orchestras.

In “True Tales,” Wittner reflects upon the courage of some patients who have found it in their hearts to give to others despite having dealt with terrible sorrow and misfortune in their own lives. He says, “Writing this book allowed me to think about the spiritual lives of others I have known.”


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