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Bon Vivant Sees Membership Numbers Soar as Londoners Start Spending Wisely Again

Press Release: April 20, 2010

London, UK 20 April 2010 Bon Vivant, the concierge and lifestyle management service based in London, has reported a sharp increase in membership numbers since the start of the year. Owner, Emyr Thomas, said we have seen a large increase in interest and new members over the last few months as the economy and confidence continue to improve.

However, we believe the main reason for the increase in members is that people value and appreciate our highly personalised and bespoke approach and that were more affordable than most concierge companies - Bon Vivant captures the ethos of the times by providing luxury services with value for money and great service, which is what we all want.

Historically, most people have been priced out of the concierge industry, but Emyr continued a concierge service is aimed at people with insufficient time to manage their lifestyle and who want the best service, access and benefits, and, until now, you needed to pay a large premium for these services. However, at Bon Vivant, we have made the concierge industry more accessible and affordable through reasonable fees and by giving our members access to complimentary benefits and discounts at hotels, restaurants, spas and a large range of other lifestyle services that they would not otherwise be able to obtain, that more than compensates for the membership fee.

Focusing on personal service is another key feature of Bon Vivants services, with Emyr commenting: we realised that those who use a concierge service want a personalised and bespoke service, and to speak to the same individual every time, not to have to endure a call centre approach or pay a huge premium for a personal relationship. Therefore, all Bon Vivant members are allocated their own personal concierge whom they can contact directly at all times by phone, mobile, email, text or social networking sites. Our one membership level structure ensures that all of our members receive the same great service. Londoners seem to agree that Bon Vivant has firmly raised the bar.

For further information on Bon Vivant, please visit http://www.bonvivant.co.uk/ or http://bonvivantliving.wordpress.com/. You may also want to follow them on Twitter at http://twitter.com/BonVivantLiving. To contact Emyr Thomas, please use the website address above or call 0207 278 0642.

Information on Bon Vivant:
Bon Vivant specialise in creating bespoke travel itineraries, recommending and booking restaurants and bars, arranging entry to private members clubs, securing a spot on the guestlist at exclusive nightclubs and advising on a range of lifestyle services.

Members have access to a wealth of exclusive treatment and complimentary benefits including free upgrades and complimentary benefits at a wide range of top hotels worldwide, priority reservation and complimentary drinks at top restaurants, large discounts at a range of lifestyle services and access to VIP tickets to exclusive and sold out events.

All members are allocated their own personal bespoke lifestyle executive, ensuring the highest level of personal service and each member is entitled to appoint one other individual such as a partner, spouse or personal assistant who may request services from Bon Vivant on the members behalf.

Bon Vivant is aimed at people with insufficient time to manage their lifestyle and for those who intend to start enjoying lifes luxuries, regain control of their time, access a wealth of expertise and knowledge, and indulge in exclusive treatment and complimentary benefits.

Bon Vivant offer personal and corporate memberships on an annual and monthly basis, as well as temporary memberships for prospective members who may require services for a shorter time period throughout the year. Bon Vivant can also create bespoke travel itineraries or arrange events on an ad hoc basis for those who don't require a full membership, and we can also offer a reduced rate for those who only want access to our travel and leisure booking services for hotels, restaurants and other lifestyle services.

A membership with Bon Vivant is ideal for those who live in London or the UK or for those who travel to London on a regular basis for business or pleasure.

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