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Boeing 737 Max production not adequately funded

Press Release: July 31, 2019

The BBC have learned from a former Boeing engineer that the production of the ill-fated 737 Max is not adequately funded. The aircraft is currently grounded after two crashes which killed 346 people. However, the 737 Max still remains the company's fastest selling plane and has earned Boeing billions of dollars in sales.

The engineer worked at Boeing for 30 years and led a team of engineers who worked on the 737 Max. He said they were under constant pressure to keep costs down. He told the BBC that "certainly what I saw was a lack of sufficient resources to do the job in its entirety," "The culture was very cost centred, incredibly pressurised. Engineers were given targets to get certain amount of cost out of the aeroplane."

Boeing have dismissed the claims our of hand and say it's committed to making the 737 Max one of the safest aircraft ever to fly.

Meanwhile bulk carrier Ryan Air plans to have twenty plus 737 Max aircraft in service by August 2019. Although they are having their Boeing fleet "rebadged" omitting the term ´Max´ and replacing it with 400.

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