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Body Odour Is The Top Turn-Off For 43% Of Singles This Valentine's Day.

Press Release: February 10, 2010

Love may be in the air, but there is a fine line between a musky aroma and a musty odour. In a recent study by Smooch.com, body odour beats unemployment, weight and oral hygiene to top the list of biggest turn-offs.

Free online dating website Smooch.com asked over 17,000 members what was the biggest turn-off in a potential partner; just under half (43%) of the single men and women said that body odour was the biggest turn-off when looking for love.

Singles looking for a Valentine's day smooch rated bad oral hygiene as the second biggest turn-off. 32% of members said bad oral hygiene was the biggest turn-off; this was almost double the amount of those who felt excess weight was the biggest turn-off (17%).

The fourth biggest turn-off was unemployment (6%) whilst being underweight was only problematic for 2% of members.

It seems that men are still expected to bring home the bacon as women were twice as likely as men to say unemployment was the biggest turn-off. Women were also more likely than men to say body odour and poor oral hygiene were the biggest turn off.

On the other hand, nearly a quarter of the men surveyed (24%) said that excess weight was the biggest turn-off compared to just 9% of women. However, men were also twice as likely as women to say and underweight partner was the biggest turn-off.

Additional information:
Smooch surveys are extremely detailed, incorporating information about its respondents as detailed as facial hair and weight, allowing us to unearth the following strange facts:

* People who wear glasses are more likely than those who dont to find body odour the biggest turn-off possibly a heightened sense of smell compensates for impaired vision.
* Members who were looking for marriage online were more than three times as likely to find unemployment the biggest turn-off compared to those looking for friendship.
* Men with a pungent aroma should head towards Barnet where only 14% of women found body odour a turn-off
* Unsurprisingly, heavy smokers were the least likely to be turned off by bad oral hygiene (28%)
* Vegans were twice as likely as vegetarians to find an underweight partner the biggest turn-off.

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Smooch.com polled 17,501 members over a three day period. Members responses remain anonymous, however, detailed statistics such as age, height, weight, build, attractiveness, hair colour, hair style, facial hair, drinking and smoking habits, education, salary and even star sign are readily available on request.

About Smooch:
Established in 2007, Smooch.com is the UKs fastest growing dating website. It has all the features of expensive dating sites but is completely free to join and to contact all members. It has 450,000 active members with around 1500 new members joining every day. Smooch.com was featured in the Times Business supplement and in The Economist in 2009.

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