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BOC Sciences Introduced Antibody Drug Conjugation Services

Press Release: April 15, 2017

BOC Sciences launched antibody drug conjugation service as one step of a series started from 2016, which also brings a new branch of products-antibody drug conjugates, increased the chemical variety of the company.

Antibody drug conjugates (http://www.bocsci.com/antibody-drug-conjugates-services.html) is a novel class of cancer treatment as it helps to precisely target the tumor cells while keep the healthy cells innocent in the battle, helping decrease even avoid the unwanted effects caused by the killing or injury of healthy cells. The service mainly serves for the pre-production and production activities from antibody drug conjugate design to antibody drug conjugate synthesis.

Thus their background in organic synthesis (jhttp://www.bocsci.com/custom-synthesis.html) lays a solid foundation for the successful conduction of the newly launched service. Also their rich experience in drug discovery and drug design will benefit the whole process. Though antibody drug conjugation service is newly included to their base, they have been working to meet the related needs for a long period of time, and the introduction is followed by increasing requests from labs and organizations that are in such needs.

BOC Sciences offers various analytical method for development of antibody-drug conjugates including HPLC, UPLC, LCMS, UV, FL, cSDS, cIEF, CZE, DSC, TGA, ELISA, DLS, HIAC. Besides, support to almost every step of the general process can be accessed there.

Meanwhile, BOC Sciences optimized their screening libraries in their professional descriptions to provide better reference information and choice making to generally improve their service on drug discovery, then closer to the aim of being a comprehensive chemical and related service provider.

“We’ve set our effort in introducing more services and chemicals while optimizing our present online chemical data base. The plan has been successfully practiced in our inhibitor products line. They are grouped in accordance with their applied targets, like Tasimelteon (http://www.bocsci.com/tasimelteon-cas-609799-22-6-item-72984.html) targeting at melatonin receptors. “mentioned in a press published by the marketing director of the company.

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