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BOC Sciences Begins to Provide Iron Oxide Nanoparticles

Press Release: February 17, 2017

Early in January, BOC Sciences has added iron oxide nanoparticles as a new product branch, which means the company will resume expanding its product variety. Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles get rising recognition on its potential, which also makes it a booming field in pharmaceutical researches.

Iron oxide nanoparticles (http://www.bocsci.com/superparamagnetic-iron-oxide-nano.html) bring wide usages in diagnostics process and biomedicine with its magnetic and non-toxic attributes in human bodies. Magnetic cell isolation and biomolecules purification, magnetic resonance imaging of diseased tissues, and targeted delivery of drugs and antigens are all the advanced applications of this line of nanoparticles.

However, with the increasing needs of iron oxide nanoparticles, producing high quality of them keeps a difficulty as different shape and size will be resulted via different methods to make them. Also, the starting materials may affect the final shape and size of the particles. And any minor difference including the mentioned shape and size will lead to different chemistry performance of them. Therefore, the synthesis of uniform iron oxide nanoparticles counts.

BOC Sciences with well-experienced scientist and technician team as well as numerous practical conduction of chemical synthesis (http://www.bocsci.com/custom-synthesis.html) projects is capable of producing highest quality iron oxide nanoparticles needed for different research programs. The uniformity of the iron oxide nanoparticles with size ranging from a few nanometers to several micrometers can be ensured.

“It’s not a new synthesis section for us as we have served a great number of clients with custom needs regarding iron oxide nanoparticles. We launched it exclusively as a service out of the more frequent requirements on it. Our mission is to provide close support to research needs, making us providing timely services.” said the technical director of BOC Sciences.

With general view in the market, there are a few companies providing high quality level of iron oxide nanoparticles service because of the challenge confronted. BOC Sciences is brave to take challenges and provides best solutions.

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BOC Sciences is one of most thriving chemical suppliers providing chemicals meeting needs in agricultural, biotechnological, pharmaceutical and many other areas at both research and industrial scale. The company is putting intense effort in the optimization of its inhibitor products like cariprazine (http://www.bocsci.com/cariprazine-rgh-188-cas-839712-12-8-item-459781.html) by regrouping them in accordance with their targets and applied conditions.

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