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Bobby Borisov Confirms the Future Home, LifeHouseNow Very Close to Multifunctional Home Furnishing

Press Release: October 19, 2020

Bobby Borisov is confident that his eCommerce business will achieve his mission of delivering elegant multifunctional furnishings to our homes soon.


The Los Angeles based e-retailer has invented a system for selecting products for every home and multi-use at affordable pricing.


LifeHouseNow is developing software that will analyze our needs and suggest what we should use in our homes at affordable prices. Our goal is to help people digitally to organize and style their homes based on their criteria.


The truth is that multipurpose furniture is the best way to achieve greater convenience, especially in homes with limited living space. This space-saving solution is not only versatile but stylish as well.


Technology is completely changing homes worldwide. Now we can find affordable devices connecting homes, and newly automated and networked machines are reinventing convenience.


Future housing will meet the same basic needs as always: a safe place protected from the elements. A place that provides privacy and where you can rest and eat, a location you can call your own and save your possessions.


Technology will not change these needs. It only transforms the methods in which they are met.


Many technological developments are emerging to modify what we expect from our homes. It is essential to understand that most Millennials are more focus on acquiring experiences than materialistic things.


This new trend will make it harder for homeownership to live a more stable lifestyle. Millennials are all about moving, so they don't want to accumulate lots of possessions. Rather, they spend money on making memories.


Unfortunately, the rising costs of housing and an increasing urban flop make it tough to create an intimate space. People are moving to urban areas, specifically to skyscraping apartments, pushing them to find ways to renew the emotional connection to the place they live.


The good news is that the future of home living can find a solution to new technology. For instance, augmented reality can be used to see how remodeling such as new kitchen cabinets, furniture, or even curtains might look before they buy them.


Thanks to apps such as LifeHouse Now, you can visualize your ideal interior without spending money on furniture or painting jobs.


The idea behind this technology is that instead of buying a new couch, the software will analyze your needs and tell you what you should do in your house at affordable prices.


Future housing will allow you to upload and download anything you want, changing the way you live forever.


Multi-Functionality Of Future Home Styles


If you are wondering how your house will be in the future, the answer is simple: convenience at your fingertips.


Future home styles must consider growing cities, house size getting smaller, and the priority of a healthful space. Here are some of the things you can expect in the future.


1. Adaptable Spaces


One of the main features of future homes is to plan adaptable spaces like work areas or gyms. After recent events, people are focusing on making rooms with multiple uses.


New homes must utilize every centimeter of space in the house.


It is vital to design a space as a multipurpose area for study, office, home gym, or playroom. People are prioritizing home gyms, with a storage option to organize the equipment when not in use.


One of the best ways to make your home flexible is to use multifunctional furniture.


Using convenient furniture improves your lifestyles as well as the house aesthetic. But the most important thing is that this type of furniture allows you to change a room into different functions.


2. More Storage


We will see a more aesthetic approach to make a bigger storage room at home in the future. People perceive the need to consider storage within their interior.


It is essential to consider the right furniture style, cabinets, and sideboards to quickly organize toys, gym equipment, and office materials at the end of the day.


The main idea of future housing is to prevent more work for their inhabitants.


For instance, in the kitchen, it is vital to maximizing pantry space from floor to ceiling. It is critical to design creative storage solutions around the house like bench and hallway storage.


3. Indoor Gardeners


You can expect the outdoors inside by the year 2025. More and more people realize that they need plants in their environment to live a contentment life.


More people live in urban areas, apartments, and condos with no courtyards, the new trend in indoor gardening. You can have plants throughout your living environment. Please note that there are two types of indoor plants:


  1. Houseplants that lift your entire home and will live forever indoors.
  2. Plants that will live in your house temporarily but will move outdoors.


Having an indoor garden has many benefits, such as:


  • Improve your emotional wellbeing
  • Plants create a healthy environment by absorbing some of the contaminants in the air.
  • Herb gardens are a must for people who love to cook.


4. Sustainable Homes


Something that has taught us 2020 is that spending more time at home increases utility bills.


Future homes will prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability. According to recent studies, energy efficiency is a priority for more than 40% of homeowners.


It is vital to adequately insulate homes to make sure the energy is not wasted. The key is to maximize energy consumption.


Recycling, eco-friendly materials, and renewable energy sources such as solar are examples of how this trend could be implemented in future homes.


Some eco-friendly materials such as cork are becoming very popular for flooring and wall solutions. Cork is an extremely durable material that is ideal for flooring and with its natural renewability.



Bottom Line


Future homes are becoming safe havens, and this can be seen more with interior designs that support comfort, wellness, and security.


Multifunctional spaces will be vital to home organizations. We will see more adaptable spaces incorporating desks into bedrooms and living rooms since we have more flexibility to undertake in remote work.


The main purpose of future housing is to create multiple spaces throughout the home to work and live without bothering each other. Thanks to technology, this future will become a reality soon!


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