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Blueunplugged Discovers DJ Hero Wii as the Most Selling Game of the Year

Press Release: January 22, 2010

The online store of Blueunplugged has discovered DJ Hero Wii as the most selling game of the year. Blueunplugged is one of the famous online shops selling gadgets, games and accessories and has noticed an immense increase in the sale of DJ Hero Wii the music game. As the name makes it clear DJ Hero is all about music with a difference.

The reason for this as sighted by the Blueunplugged Director is Since the introduction of the first music game with a difference Guitar Hero these games have been a super hit among the people. The popularity of music games like Guitar Hero and DJ Hero Wii have helped them to maintain their presence in the top games list. The biggest benefit of these games is there theme MUSIC which touches each persons heart. When the company experienced a remarkable sale for DJ Hero Wii and DJ Hero Xbox 360 the impact of their popularity was very clear.

Also DJ Hero Wii is not restricted to any age group it has songs for all the generations. The kids and the adults, the parents and teenagers all have the chance to give themselves a treat to music to enlighten mood. DJ Hero is available for all the gaming consoles like DJ Hero Wii, DJ Hero Xbox 360 and DJ Hero PS3. The game is very easy to play and unlike other music games give you the chance to mix the songs to form your own appealing songs. Its availability for the different gaming consoles makes it even more favorable.

Blueunplugged also finds that the company kit includes a different type of musical instrument often seen only in clubs in the DJs cabin the turntable. It has also proved to be a boost to increase the sales of the game for people like to experiment different things.



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