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Bloomington Dentist Discusses The Latest Dental Care Technology Introduced At His Clinic

Press Release: April 01, 2016

Bloomington, MN ( prfire.co.uk/ ) March 31, 2016 - Distinctive Dental Care is a family owned dental clinic in Bloomington MN. We make sure to provide our customers with the best services and comfort to eradicate the myth that dentistry is a dreadful and painful experience. We have a friendly staff and a clean atmosphere. So, fear not, for Bloomington’s best dentistry has solutions to all your dental problems – from dentures to crowns and oral hygiene.

Along with the usual dental care services, Distinctive Dental Care brings to you the DiagnodentTM. We are thrilled to introduce a diagnostic tool that’ll help us identify cavities which we were unable to detect before, at an early stage so that a more conservative treatment can be performed. Measurements from the highly accurate DiagnodentTM will help us determine whether or not to observe cavities over time and treat them with preventive therapies like fluoride and/or sealants.

Using a laser, the DiagnodentTM measures the fluorescence of various layers of teeth.

A hygienic tooth shows little or no fluorescence, giving low readings.

But cavities show fluorescence when the laser shines on them, giving a higher reading on the machine and an audio signal.

What difference does it make?

The nature of cavities is changing with today's widespread use of fluoride and improved oral hygiene, more resistant enamel can many times hide surface decay. Often, manual probing done by dentists can prove to be unproductive at detecting decay. Even x-rays can sometimes miss a cavity in the early stages. That is the reason that DiagnodentTM will be vital in helping to detect early lesions.

Furthermore, we are proud to present the BIOLASETM Water Laser. You’re probably wondering… laser? What are they going to do in my mouth with a laser! Let us explain. Among the 7,000 dentists in Bloomington MN, U.S., the ADA approximates about 3.5 percent use surgical lasers, which can remove cavities and contour bone, sanitize and expand root canals, remove blight sores and lesions — with no anesthetic, drilling, cutting and little blood loss or swelling.

The Waterless uses a certain wavelength, laser energy, water and air. The heat of the laser causes blood to clot and prevents bleeding. In 15 minutes, the laser can eliminate the decay and prepare the surface of the tooth for a filling without using a stinging needle or whining drill; only the whoosh of water and a sound like popcorn popping.

“I love what I do. The patient who walks into my office should know about his/her treatment in detail and why the treatment is performed.

I make it a point to give the utmost importance to patient's comfort and make the dental visit as pleasant as possible.

Each time I receive a referral by my patients, I am reminded of my promise and why I uphold it.”

- Dr. Haseen Syed Owner/Dentist & Adjunct Faculty

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