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Blocnation Cashless Payment Service Powers Multiple Festivals and Events

Press Release: June 14, 2018

( prfire.co.uk ) June 12, 2018 - Blocnation is gaining a lot of buzz after hosting their cashless payment services at a slew of events and festivals with their cashless wristbands. Between diverse food festivals and tastings to bumping EDM music festivals, the blockchain technology company is finding itself sought out by more and more event planners and organizers hoping to take their events and parties to the next level.

“What more and more event organizers are coming to understand is that there is a lot for their events and parties to gain by using blockchain technology. Blocnation brings something of a metamorphosis to events and festivals by introducing RFID cashless wristbands to event attendees so that they can enjoy cashless payments and transactions for everything from ticketing to accommodations to drinks and refreshments. While of course attendees love the ease of our cashless wristbands, organizers love the technology for the solutions it offers. For instance, it’s well known that guests are likely to spend more when they are afforded cashless transactions than when they use cash or card. Every individual transaction which is quickened or lightened makes an effect on the overall event. Fewer queues mean fewer frustrated guests, which means fewer frustrated organizers. Not to mention, because of the digitized nature of the service, event planners and organizers are able to track how guests are spending their money and time, which means they can build strategies for subsequent events so that they are an even bigger success,” says a representative for the company.

He adds: “In December of 2017 we hosted our technology at two successful events: Tiffin Food Court in the Klang Valley, and SAGA Music Festival in Bali. While of course these events are very different in nature, both benefited from the ease of traffic and transactions afforded to them by Blocnation’s cashless payment wristbands. Tiffin Food Court hosted more than thirty of the country’s finest avant garde chefs. Patrons of the event preloaded money into their cashless wristbands to enjoy easier entrance and transactions at the different tables. Likewise, guests of SAGA Music Festival didn’t suffer from long lines or the fear of losing their wallets, meaning the spirit of the party was able to reach another level. Likewise, Zedd, a music festival hosted by Future Sound Asia, benefitted from the service, as payment via wristbands was the only way to pay for anything inside of the festival. Organizers of each of the events provided great testimonials for our technology.”

About Blocnation:

Blocnation is the world’s first decentralized initial coin offering. They offer blockchain technology solutions such as cashless payment via cashless wristbands to event organizers and planners in Southeast Asia and beyond. New events will be announced on their website. To know more details visit https://blocnation.io/.


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