Press Release: January 02, 2020

Let’s accept it, social media is huge right now, it is one of the world’s fastest growing sectors that is getting bigger and bigger day by day. It is totally obvious that almost all of us have profile created on social media platforms to connect and interact with friends, colleagues and family. But is connecting is just enough, what about Data Security? Privacy? Or let’s say How about getting rewards for Likes on your photos/content? It is all possible on a Blockchain-based Social Platform; Swappers Wall.

Swappers Wall is a Blockchain-based social networking platform that promotes and facilitates interaction between friends, family, peers and colleagues. The goal of Swappers Wall is to Connect & Reward Era Swap (ES) to users and the community through their posts, photos, videos and stories.

What makes Swappers Wall Different?

· ES Rewards

On Swappers Wall individuals who have Era Swap Power Tokens can distribute them among other users as a reward to appreciate the value of the image or content that has been posted, a unique element which a Social media user gets to increase their morale. As well the reward individual receives from their posts is not just a fugazi but an actual Digital Asset.

· Blockchain-based Platform

In most of the Social media platform users are somewhat directed to consume particular content, some may admit it become more like delving into the garbage. Users require transparency which Swappers Wall provides.

· Data Security

Data security is an elementary feature in any transparent social network. Nowadays people don’t even think twice before agreeing to existing social platforms terms and conditions, this gives them full authority to use their data in any way they want. Since Swappers wall is based on blockchain technology, users will get control over their personal data and rewards for their contribution.

Followings are some unique features of Swappers Wall:

· Friends can react to wall posts freely or secretly through a private message.

· Opening up Instant Articles enables any distributor to recount incredible stories that heap rapidly to individuals everywhere throughout the world.

· The user wall is initially expected as a kind of whiteboard. Users can change or erase what was at that point there.

· Single Sign-on; Swappers Wall is a part of the Era Swap Ecosystem which relies on the single sign-on system so various platforms can be accessed through one single key.

· Unlike any other social platform, Swappers Wall doesn’t store your password key, your private key is only and only accessed and visible to you.

· On Swappers Wall users can create their community and invite others to join them. Different kinds of communities can be created such as Community for your friends and family, A Business Community, Community for your employees, Community to share memes/trends/techs/ideas/news, etc.

· The admin of the community can decide whether a joining charge is required or not to join the community.

By no doubt you have all the Social Apps on your phone installed already, But try visiting https://timeswappers.com/swapperswall Create your profile and check out for yourself, how a transparent social platform can be different than the existing ones.

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