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Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform NOWNodes Starts Offering Extended Free Plan

Press Release: August 05, 2020

The NOWNodes team made a step forward to support developers and crypto projects to sustain amid the outbreak caused by COVID-19: the personal plan is as always free but now with 50,000 requests per day. To start working with it one just needs to receive an API key.

The service makes use of JSON RPC to provide access to nodes and BlockBook API for blockchain explorers. A detailed guide both on the website and in Postman is suitable for most possible scenarios: it works for crypto enthusiasts, students, or experienced developers. 

Blockchain-as-a-Service is a growing domain: the market size is expected to reach $15.4 bln by 2023, at a CAGR of 90.1%. BaaS can be used to make various digital products: these may be smart contracts, decentralized applications (dApps), or even other services that can work without any setup requirements of the complete blockchain-based infrastructure. Many of the worlds largest tech giants already act as BaaS vendors.

NOWNodes helps to build crypto and blockchain products faster. Instead of using various services and maintaining complex infrastructures, things like crypto wallets, exchanges, payments, processors and dApps can rely on fast and reliable connections and SLA. 

Powerful servers in Germany are fully ready for constant work 24/7. No need to build a custom explorer — the service provides access to explorers of 40 most popular blockchain networks. In Q4 the company is planning to add support to even more networks.

NOWNodes hosts explorers and full blockchain nodes for 45 networks, including BTC, XMR, KMD, DGB. The service went live in 2019 under the supervision of ChangeNOW. 

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