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Blockbooster typifies modern day digital entertainment

Press Release: March 08, 2018

London, United Kingdom – Blockbooster, with its unique concept, has all the right elements to become a kingpin in the digital entertainment industry. As a truly democratic platform which strives to create a hospitable environment for both content creators as well as audiences, Blockbooster sets itself apart by delivering ground-breaking content while offering patrons the opportunity to become an integral part of the revenue sharing model. In a time where mainstream entertainment channels are alienating content creators with restricting policies, Blockbooster provides hope to numerous small, relatively unknown artists a medium to achieve financial independence and expand their reach to global proportions.

“Blockbooster is an exciting innovation which blends two modern day technological giants – blockchain and digital entertainment, into one phenomenal platform, that strives to reward creators as well as consumers for their efforts.” – AlexxO’Nell, Head of Asia Pacific Division, Blockbooster.

Blockbooster utilizes the latest blockchain technology which facilitates secure and seamless operation. Through the decentralized application of smart contracts, Blockbooster enables both creators and the viewers to achieve their goals with complete transparency and fairness. Blockbooster allows a generation of talented artists to reach out to an unprecedented spectrum of audiences while gifting followers with exclusive content from diverse genres. As a decentralized crowd investment and earnings distribution platform, Blockbooster links content creators and their audience not only by offering a steady dose of exciting entertainment but by involving them in the revenue sharing process.

Unlike the past, digital entertainment today has empowered audiences, and budding platforms like Blockbooster promise to understand, support and value users globally. After witnessing immense prosperity in its early pre-initial coin offering phase, Blockbooster invites enthusiasts to participate in the third segment of its Pre-ICO and become part of the future in digital entertainment.

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