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“Blob and the Elephant” by Rupert Stewart Cox is published

Press Release: June 24, 2020

ISBN #979-8648350793


“Blob and the Elephant” by Rupert Stewart Cox is published

First book in “The Adventures of a Creature Called Blob”


About the Book:

There are two types of elephant that Blob could fly to see, African and Asian, which one would it be, African elephants are bigger and have enormous ears. The oldest ones can live for nearly a hundred years. The first in a series of picture book stories about a small, yellow, adventurous creature called Blob. Follow his fun-filled adventures all over the world and join children, from the age of two upwards, who have been fascinated and delighted by these charming tales.



About the Author:


Rupert Stewart Cox’s father was a soldier in the Royal Artillery, back in the day when soldiers were posted all over the world, so he has had that old travelling bone in him forever. His childhood was spent between England, Malaya, Kenya and Germany. Then Australia, the Caribbean, India, the Far East were added to destinations for that bone. Rupert’s working life was spent on farms. Sheep, arable, beef, potatoes and dairy farms. He has always been enamoured by the countryside and animals


Rupert now lives in southwest France with his wife Mary. They have two daughters and two grandsons. Rupert has been telling them all stories for the last 30 odd years and more recently stories about Blob. He fills days walking and restoring chairs, children's chairs, benches, stools, baskets and the like.


Rupert has now passed the travelling bone on to Blob and has begun documenting his travels and adventures.



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