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Blackwell Consulting Announces Plans to Acquire Global Health and Wellness Brands

Press Release: November 04, 2020

Canadian Private Equity Firm To Obtain Licensing Rights, Launch Aggressive Market Strategy


Blackwell Consulting, a leading Canadian private equity firm with a global network of strategic consultants and leading M&A specialists, has announced a plan to acquire and invest in a lineup of health and wellness products, and bring them to market in key regions around the world. 

“This is an exciting opportunity for Blackwell Consulting to play to our strengths and use our resources effectively and efficiently,” said Steve Loutskou, founder of Blackwell Consulting.  “At a time when global anxiety is at an all-time high and consumers are placing a higher priority than ever on their health and wellbeing, we look forward to offering some relief with an exciting lineup of health and wellness products.”

Blackwell Consulting will obtain the licensing rights for a diverse lineup of products in the health and wellness category. A robust background in assisting clients with private equity and portfolio management, as well as identifying and navigating complicated mergers and acquisitions across various sectors, has prepared the Canadian firm and its global team of industry experts to successfully market the products in key regions around the world. 

With a deep background in bringing brands to market across a number of sectors, from real estate and finance to retail and technology, Blackwell Consulting founder Steve Loutskou will lend his industry expertise to Blackwell’s global advisory team in preparation for the product launch. Market growth strategies will be continually reassessed and refined based on key insights provided by Blackwell Consulting’s diligent research group, who provide high-level consulting expertise to a diverse roster of clients from around the world to help reduce complexity and increase business growth.

An aggressive brand commercialization plan is nearing the final stages, and takes into account the many challenges posed by the Covd-19 pandemic, from supply chain management and transportation to regionally-specific retail and pricing strategies. Blackwell expects individual products to roll out as agreements are finalized, with quarterly reviews of capital investments into the market growth plan.

In a recent market research report titled Global Health and Wellness Market 2020-2024, Technavio, a leading market research company with global coverage, forecasted growth of nearly USD $1.3 billion over the next several years for health and wellness products comparable to those Blackwell Consulting is poised to launch. 

Blackwell Consulting recently announced a new global growth strategy and renewed plan of action, with a deep focus in the areas of finance, technology, retail and e-commerce,  designed to overcome the challenges faced by the Covid-19 pandemic and set the course for the successful delivery of its current business objectives.

About Blackwell Consulting

Blackwell Consulting is a trusted private equity firm with a global network of strategic consultants and leading M&A specialists. Our advisory experts work with clients representing renowned brands and leading organizations to provide private equity, advise on IPOs, and identify and support merger and acquisition opportunities. 

Based in Toronto with offices in Vancouver and Montreal, Blackwell Consulting’s global team of consultants produce valuable insights across a wide range of industries, guiding clients through strategic opportunities with rigorous due diligence to drive growth and maximize asset value. 

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