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Black streaming channel starts crowdfunding on June 19th

Press Release: June 16, 2020

Streaming channel aims to create a co-op revenue model for Black/African/Caribbean entertainment and information.


PHOENIX,AZ-  June 2020   Sumwholesum Media announces the launch of an Indiegogo campaign to create a streaming media channel to help provide greater opportunities plus create more relevant content to Black people across the globe. The issues have been long documented by articles like “How racially skewed are the Oscars?” by The Economist. After experiences with independent music and video production, Michael Antonio Brown began dreaming of a new way in 1999 to balance the artistic and economic impact on the Black community. 


“Art reflects life, it is said, but it is filtered through the eyes of the artist. I would love to see the full reflection of my community.” said Michael “The good, the bad, and the beautiful of who we are includes all races, the whole sum of humanity, all voices matter.” 


Sumwholesum Media will be using the Muvi.com platform which will allow the service to compete with Netflix and other major streaming services. To compete with other companies clamoring for the Black audience (Kweli.tv,BOPTV.com), SWS offers producers/filmmakers 90% of the net profits, will provide on screen shopping while viewing, and will offer deep discounts for new subscribers among other features. 


As a platform, SWS will see where it stands as a registered business with the #myblackreceipt movement from June 19 to July 4th, the premiere date for Sumwholesum Media.


SumWholeSum Inc. (formerly East Valley Compass Inc.) was created by Michael Antonio Brown in February 2020. For the last 12 years the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona has been his home after leaving Seattle. He is a videographer, musician, writer, digital marketer and business consultant. Michael has worked for Google Adwords, GoDaddy, and other Fortune 500 companies which has impacted his views on change,strategy, and corporate culture.

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