Press Release: January 21, 2021

On December 16th 2020 blind journalist, activist and motivational speaker, Mario Bonds flew to LA along with his creative team to interview and shoot Blac Chyna for a cover story and billboard campaign with Jenleeion Magazine. Prior to the shoot Blac Chyna confirmed the shoot with Jenleeion Magazine. Nora Bonds Editor-In-Chief & Mario Bonds, contributor, flew the creative team  from DC to Los Angeles as well as covered all expenses for photographers, videography, hotels, meals, transportation, venue and all incidentals. The team arrived at 7am to shoot. Blac Chyna at first stated that she was going to be late due to another shoot. Many calls and texts occurred during the day between Chyna’s team and the Jenleeion team with promises that Chyna was on her way to the shoot.  At approximately 7pm Chyna was still a no show. and correspondence between the teams ceased approximately around 7pm as Chyna’s team did not respond to phone calls or texts up until 8pm.
The Jenleeion team returned to DC the next day. To date, 30 days later,  there has not been any apology or attempt to reach out from Chyna or her team to make amends. Tokyo Tonio, Chyna’s mother, spoke with Nora Bonds and apologized for her daughter’s behavior. Tokyo also stated that she is  angry and feels disgraced by her daughter and  has reached out to Chyna to do the right thing. She also called her daughter “a bully” and that  Chyna has embarrassed her for the last time”. Tokyo has offered to assist Mario Bonds in any way possible to recoup all expenditures  for the shoot  up to and including legal action. Please see the interview attached.
Mario Bonds is an anti-bullying activist; who currently has a video on all streaming platforms called “Human” https://youtu.be/Xp4BA5bCxJ0
The “Human” video  addresses Bond’s journey of being bullied throughout his life.. He stated that this recent experience of being bullied by Blac Chyna has ”left him speechless and temporarily back in the throes of sadness that only the bullee could truly  understand”. “She forgot that  I  am Human too and the lack of remorse makes it worse”.
Jenleeion Magazine is a  Beauty, Arts and Culture magazine created by Nora Bonds. Jenleeion Magazine currently features the iconic Dionne Warrick for the January 2021  cover who also received a billboard campaign in Times Square. https://jenleeion.com

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