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Blac Belladonna On A Roll With New EP, State-Wide Tour, and Compilation Feature.

Press Release: August 05, 2016

With their fresh new single 'Hiding in the Shadows', Blac Belladonna are melting ears with their unique brand of sultry indie rock.
Saturday, July 2, 2016 — Fresh off the back of rocking a packed out EP launch in Melbourne’s trendy, Fitzroy Pinnacle, ‘Blac Belladonna’ are keeping their creative kick strong and are already busy producing fresh new tunes out of their Healesville based studio. Additionally, the boys are honing their live show, ready for a busy few months of touring Victoria statewide, where they continue to delight their legions of fans night after night with their highly melodic Rock and Roll.
Blac Belladonna is comprised of three passionate musicians who all grew up together in the Yarra Valley before later relocating to Melbourne. The group includes Rhys Sund on vocals and drums, Maurice King on the guitar and Tarquin Wenhuda on bass guitar.
The trio draw inspiration from a mix of 70’s blues based rock, combined with a more polished and produced sound of indie music that you hear on the radio today. Their songs and sounds are often compared to legendary artists like Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Tame Impala and The Black Keys.
The single ‘Hiding In The Shadows’ from Blac Belladonna’s debut EP, ‘Elastic’, released in April 2016, was recorded at Home Brewed Studios in Lilydale, Melbourne and was produced by Nic Pallett, who has worked with a huge range of indie artists throughout the Victorian music scene. “Micing up live jams, getting a bit loose and hitting record ends up being a good tactic for us," said Maurice, the group’s lead guitarist. “If we hit something we like, we can listen back and work on it from there."
‘Hiding In The Shadows’ was the first song Blac Belladonna wrote as a newly formed group. “It’s one of those numbers that we’ve grown fond of," Maurice commented. “The song was written around the theme of attachment and fear, with a bit of blues influence, it’s our gem”.
On the radar for Blac Belladonna’s near future, the band will focus intently on touring and building their strong fan-base in Victoria before taking the show interstate next year.
On top of this, Blac Belladonna will join a host of other unsigned Australian artists when their single ‘Hiding In The Shadows’ is featured on Lighthouse Record’s ‘Indie Legends’ compilation album which will drop July 22, available for digital download from the Lighthouse Records website.

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