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Bitwallet - The One Stop Solution for Bitcoin Traders

Press Release: May 19, 2015

BitWallet is a platform of convenience for those engaged in buying and selling of Bitcoins. The platform allows traders from all over the world to trade Bitcoins relatively with their respective currencies. This decentralized medium facilitates quick, swift, and secure transactions between individuals. Bitwallet promises to be the best solution for traders engaged in short term trading as well as long term storage of currency.

Founded by a team of Bitcoin enthusiasts and web developers, Bitwallet.cc went on to unite traders across the globe for buying and selling this unique trading instrument. The Canada based company is a leading bitcoin wallet and exchange platform that offers low-cost access to trading without the inclusion of intermediaries such as banks and other corporate heads. The aim of this company is to make possible smooth and uninterrupted transactions among traders, which is better possible when no middlemen are involved.

The bitwallet buy bitcoins platform creates a healthy trading environment for the involved parties to make possible secured exchange with minimal transaction costs. The company also offers escrow protection for every trade to make sure that these transactions take place without any hassles for the involved parties. Global Finance is fast evolving into a dynamic and highly interactive domain and to this, Bitwallet wishes to contribute as a trading community with a difference.

The company strongly believes that Bitcoins are an independent currency, uncorrupted by political risk and interference. One of their key goals is to spread the benefit and flexibility of this trading medium throughout the world.

On Bitwallet, traders directly deal with the other party. As a result of this all processes take place quickly and efficiently. The company supports payment methods of all kinds as adopted by the user community. Trading takes place through a decentralized peer-to-peer technology, which ensures that the processes take place unhindered and uninterrupted. The company charges minimal trading fees for those who post advertisements on their website. The fee applies only when the escrow is released. Those who do not will have buying and selling services for free.

The company provides services and facilities for deposit, withdrawal, transactions, vaults, and trading tools. It guarantees maximum security for storage, backup, and encryption. Traders will have access to important data including reputation score, trader profiles, public feedback, and trading activities in the past. In case of trading disputes, the company ensures that they are all resolved within 24 hours. For more details, log on to https://bitwallet.cc/

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Email id - info@bitwallet.cc

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