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Press Release: January 02, 2020

Bitwhisk.io is one of the many Bitcoin mixers floating around in the industry helping users mix and anonymize their Bitcoins.

Like any other Bitcoin mixer, Bitwhisk.io too operates on the very simple fundamental principal of give-and-take, it takes user-deposits of Bitcoins to its own accounts, and gives them Bitcoins of equivalent amount from its own reserves.

No one can trace or track where the initial Bitcoins went.

Bitwhisk Overview

Clearnet Link: https://www.bitwhisk.io

No Registration required for Tumbler.
Minimum Deposit: Extremely low (less than 0.002 BTC accepted: differs for each deposit).
Maximum 2 BTC.
Fee: 0.1%
No logs policy: Yes.
Time Delays: Yes, User controlled.
Additional Addresses: 10.
Distribution Control: Yes, User-controlled.
They delete logs 1 hours after mixing.
Blockchain analysis turned out clean and we received fresh coins.

Notes to editors

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