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Biswajit Das - Artist of the Month

Press Release: June 12, 2019

Noida, June 14, 2019: Indian Art Ideas, a leading portal for artists and art collectors to connect, is proud to announce that Mr. Biswajit Das has been anointed the Artist of the Month for June of this year. The modern paintings that Mr. Biswajit Das creates on canvas draw one’s attention immediately. His modern art paintings are an ensemble of his unique personality.
The ‘She’ series by him captures various facets of the feminine form at vibrant play in watercolors. His affinity for the divine becomes apparent when you encounter his modern art gallery with Madhava, Bansuriwala, Krishna, Ganapati, Ganesha, Bodhisattva, and Mayur Mohan in acrylic and watercolor mediums. His modern abstract art in ink like The Elephant Way, Friends and The Circus stir emotions within, and you are left wondering at the state of mind of the artist as he went about creating these artistic pieces.
The artist takes us along a different trajectory of his persona with The Rider, a dynamic art piece. Kaleidotunes display chaos, Union is a blend of mixed emotions in acrylic and The Fishing Party in gouache is a visually striking detour from his usual repertoire of watercolors.

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