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Birmingham has been chosen to host this year’s Customer Experience Day in the UK.

Press Release: August 16, 2017

The global event which takes place in 24 cities including New York, Johannesburg, Delhi, Amsterdam and Wellington is coming to Birmingham for the first time.

ALCMY Studios a Customer Experience Agency and Marketing Studio is to host this year’s event on behalf of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA).

“We are very proud to be organising this prestigious event and are especially pleased that Birmingham will host one of the celebrations for the first time.”
- Yiannis Maos, Chief Marketing Alchemist, ALCMY Studios

The event will take place on October 3rd at The Birmingham Repertory Theatre and will bring together 200 professionals from an assortment of businesses across the City.

The keynote for the day will be the well renowned CEO of HomeServe Membership, Greg Reed, who will be speaking about the importance of bringing customer experience and employee engagement closer together.

Greg will be joined by Peter McKean, CEO at Synthetix, the leaders in online customer service software.

The event will start at 12pm and finish at 6pm, with the last hour of the day dedicated to a networking drinks reception. Anyone interested in attending can sign-up by visiting: https://customer-experience-marketing.eventbrite.co.uk

Topics on the day will include:

> The link between a great customer experience and organisational growth
> How to get started with customer experience and be successful
> Bringing customer experience and marketing closer together
> Experience Transformation. What is it? Why is it relevant?
> The future of customer experience - Innovation and Artificial Intelligence

The event is being supported by the UK’s leading publication on the subject matter, Customer Experience Magazine:

“Customer Experience Day is a great opportunity for all professionals worldwide to initiate discussions about the important topics in the customer experience arena. Customer Experience Magazine is proud to support the event, joining the global efforts to define relevant standards in the field that will help all professionals advance in their respective businesses.”
- Marija Pavlović, Editor-in-Chief, Customer Experience Magazine

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Notes for Editors…

The Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) was founded in 2011 and is the premier global non-profit organisation dedicated to the advancement and cultivation of the Customer Experience profession.

ALCMY Studios is a Birmingham Customer Experience Agency and Marketing Studio that specialises in bringing together creativity, technology and strategy - enabling brands to get closer to their customers and increase revenue.

Customer Experience Magazine is an online magazine full of news, features, reports, case studies, white papers, interviews, videos and international stories, tailored to CX professionals.

Greg Reed, Chief Executive Officer, HomeServe Membership -
Following a 20-plus year international career in Banking, in 2012 Greg joined HomeServe Membership, the biggest business in the HomeServe Group, as its UK Chief Marketing Officer, becoming CEO in June 2017. Greg now leads a business of over 3,000 People, including 1,000 field engineers, with 2.1m Customers and a turnover in 2017 of £326m.

When he joined, in the UK HomeServe had been through a regulatory, reputational and commercial near-death experience and Greg was part of a new exec team brought in to create and drive a culture that would help a new HomeServe to emerge; a commercially powerful business built on strong principles with the right culture of committed People delivering effortless service to Customers.

In 2016, GlassDoor recognised HomeServe Membership as one of the three best places to work in the UK; in the same year, the Institute of Customer Service judged the HomeServe to have the most improved Customer satisfaction of any business in the UK services sector.

One of Greg’s focus areas has been innovation and through his leadership, HomeServe is now a recognised InsureTech company through its wholly-owned subsidiary HomeServe Labs. Its first product, the award-winning Leakbot, is now in commercial production.

Greg’s undergraduate degree was in Finance from Pennsylvania State University and he also holds a doctorate in Law from Widener University School of Law. Greg lives in Edinburgh with his childhood sweetheart Melissa and their three children. His best friend is his border collie, Piper.

Peter McKean, CEO at Synthetix -
Peter’s extensive background within software development spans 25 years. His career includes programming for ICL Fujitsu, opening the first multi-player gaming centre in Berkshire and launching a major trading analysis platform for financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank. Since founding Synthetix in 2001, Peter has pioneered the development of AI-based Virtual Agents and Natural Language Processing for self -service, building a suite of powerful, knowledge-driven multi-channel customer service applications which are cloud-first
and deeply integrated with each other to deliver great customer experiences.

Though Managing Director of Synthetix, Peter is passionate about software engineering and innovation, guiding the development of Synthetix’s products and services to ensure they are the best they can be and still coding almost every day!

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