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Biohackers Assemble to turn a new page in the history o Biohacking

Press Release: October 06, 2020

As the world finds itself to be increasingly devoted in DIY hacks, science & technology has also silently stepped into the game in the name of Biohacking.

A very broad term, Biohacking can range from taking the adequate amount to sunlight to treating oneself under infrared lights, from consuming a balanced diet to swallowing fifty supplement pills a day, from optimising one’s senses through regular exercises to implanting chips and becoming cyborgs. All fall under the one umbrella of “Biohacking”.

 At this crucial point when new world order is set to commence, a holistic Biohacking event called the “Biohackers Assemble” attempts to bring forth the plethora of unexplored ideas that still are a mystery to the modern man of the modern world.

Powerfully packed with experts from the arena, the event stands in full force to take the attendees on a futuristic voyage. The masters are all set to unravel their novel ideas and thoughts on the past, present and the future of Biohacking.

This momentous two-day virtual event is set to be hosted in different continents with the convenient facility of live streams. With over 50 speakers, that includes renowned technologists & entrepreneurs, medical doctors, nutritionists & scientists, professional Biohackers & transhumanists along with many performing artists, the event ensures to produce 100+ hours of premium content on Biohacking.

The event not only caters to biohackers or potential biohackers but to any enthusiast of futuristic thought that is soon to take the world by a storm. Entrepreneurs & executives, investors & innovators, technologists & early adopters, medical &wellness professionals, academics & authors, journalists & students are all welcome to reap the benefits of the two-day virtual event.

The event will offer enormous opportunities to virtually meet and greet with like-minded professionals from across the globe while also having a good chance of being funded from the early-stage angel investors. Entrepreneurs can also choose to leverage this platform in an attempt to showcase their product and services to get their brand noticed by hundreds of people at once.

Endeavouring to turn a new page in the history of Biohacking, the “Biohackers Assemble” will push the boundaries further to understand what it is truly to be a human and to optimize it in its full capability.

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