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Biogetica and Wockhardt Foundation Come Together To Create Corival Life Sciences

Press Release: August 04, 2020

Corona Virus Data from around the world is showing that States and countries using Herbal Remedies for Corona Virus have a mortality rate of under 1 percent. In some cases, the mortality rate of the Region is 1/10 that of the neighboring state and country. No other reason for these lower mortality rates can be determined and hence it is quite plausible that these natural remedies from the Ayurveda, TCM, and African tradition are effective. These states and countries include Kerala (0.316% mortality) in India, Goa (0.811% mortality), and Madagascar. Similar lower mortality rates are also seen in numerous countries including the Central African Republic and Ghana that bought COVID Organics containing Artemisia from Madagascar.  States neighboring Goa and Kerala include Maharashtra and Karnataka which have 3.5% mortality and 1.85% mortality rates respectively.


It is therefore wonderful to see that Biogetica and Wockhardt Foundation have come together to create Corival Life Sciences and conduct a multicenter clinical trial on Reginmune and Immunofree. This is a one of kind trial as it is one of the first ones where natural medicine will be studied as the main medicine for COVID 19 treatment against Govt SOPS of HCQ Zinc And Azithromycin as a control.  Reginmune is a cellular immunity enhancer designed in Spain and Immunofree is a blend of herbs that have shown some promise in In Vitro, In Vivo and In Silico studied for Novel Coronavirus and COVID 19. Plant extracts used in Immunofree include Artemisia, glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice), tinospora cordifolia (Glioy) Inula Racemosa, and Andrographis paniculata which have been previously used in Madagascar, China, and India for COVID treatment. Reginmune has well-accepted immunity boosters such as Zinc, Arginine, Lysine, and Echinacea.


The Trial has now published on CTRI and Clinicaltrials.gov and recruitment is expected to begin at 5 hospitals this week. Fingers crossed the science will show that nature has an answer for coronavirus.



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