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Press Release: February 02, 2010

Multiple autofailover options for businesses with mission critical applications

The BiPac 7800GZ is a 3G embedded wireless 'G' modem/router that features a Triple WAN interface with one ADSL2/2+ port and a built-in SIM-card slot for genuinely reliable 3G/HSPA connectivity. In addition one of the 4 Ethernet ports can be configured as a second fixed WAN port for cable/fibre/2nd ADSL2/2+ connectivity, allowing autofailover to be configured to operate between any 2 of the 3 WAN interfaces available. Autofailover is seamless between WANs with email alert for instant notification.

Businesses can therefore gain better resilience and protect themselves against connectivity outage by having access to more than one type of network.

The ADSL chip is Broadcom to maximize ADSL2/2+ and Annex M performance, essential for taking advantage of the higher download and upload speeds of NGN (Next Generation Networks) networks currently being rolled out throughout the UK, and mobile broadband performance is enhanced by 2 external detachable 3G antennas, allowing connection even in the lowest signal areas.

The BiPAc 7800GZ also incorporates a business-class firewall, supports IPSec VPN capability and has built-in Quality of Service (QoS) for bandwidth management and traffic prioritization.

SIM only - no more compatibility problems , no more signal problems

The BiPac 7800GZ has an embedded high quality Sierra Wireless module which allows users to insert a SIM card directly into the built-in SIM card slot at the back of the router, instead of depending on an external 3G USB modem. This means the user is free from any issues caused by current (or future) incompatible 3G USB sticks and dongles, and can swap easily between different service providers in order to find the best provider signal in any given area.

The embedded module is a far more resilient solution than a standard USB interface, removing the problem of drop outs or SIM errors due to the nature of connectivity to the cell. The module can be set to recycle in case of dropped connection, doing away with the need for a hard reset, allowing for installation in remote unmanned locations.

In addition the detachable external 3G antennas afford a huge boost on signal performance. No longer limited to the small antennas within the 3G USB sticks and dongles, the BiPac 7800GZ comes supplied with 2 external 3G antennas which greatly increase signal strength and are detachable, allowing upgrades to even larger and more powerful antennas via a standard SMA connector.

Edward Kung, Managing Director of Billion in the UK says: The 7800GZ is a fantastic addition to Billions already impressive portfolio of business routers. The embedded SIM feature is a response to customer demand for a more resilient 3G router solution, but at a competitive price. The 7800GZ gives enterprise-level performance at a fraction of the cost of a similarly specd Sarian or Cisco product.

3G Usage Control

The BiPac 7800GZ includes dedicated 3G usage control tools that allow users to track their 3G bandwidth usage. This monitors current upload and download bandwidth, and also calculates the total amount of traffic used per month, allowing users to manage their 3G monthly subscriptions. Controls can be set up to disconnect the 3G at a pre-determined threshold to avoid over limit usage, including pre-set email alerts, thus avoiding expensive extra mobile broadband charges.

Key Features
Triple WAN interface for ADSL2/2+ (Broadcom chip), 3G or EWAN
3G / HSPA embedded with a built-in SIM card slot
Supports 3G download speeds up to 7.2 Mbps, upload speeds up to 2 Mbps
Supports ADSL2/2+ download speeds up to 24 Mbps, upload speeds up to 2.5 Mbps with Annex M
Integrated 4-port Ethernet Switch, one port can be configured as an extra Ethernet WAN interface (EWAN)
Auto-failover between any 2 of the 3 WAN interfaces ensures an always-on connection
Quality of Service Control (QoS) for Traffic Prioritization and Bandwidth Management
4 IPSec VPN tunnels supported with powerful 3DES accelerator
2 x external detachable 3G antennas for better signal capture
54 Mbps Wireless AP with WPA / WPA2 support
3G Usage Control


The Billion BiPac 7800GZ is available at 3G specialist www.nucleusnetworks.co.uk as well as leading resellers such as Amazon - customers should visit www.billion.uk.com to find the nearest outlet to buy BiPac products. RRP £329 + VAT

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About Billion Electric Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1973 and listed on the Taiwanese stock exchange, Billion Electric Co. Ltd. (Taiex #3027) is one of the leading providers of network equipment and power supply products in the Asia Pacific rim. Since its Communication Division was established in 1992, Billion has re-enforced its investment in developing next generation network equipment and Internet access devices for home, telecommuter, and SME users. We have been awarded a number of honours for our networking products and have acquired a considerable customer base across Europe, America, Middle East and Africa, and in the Asia Pacific markets. For more information, please visit us at www.billion.uk.com.

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