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Big Girl Pants – how to have an amicable divorce

Press Release: December 15, 2020

Debut book covers personal divorce journey with key lessons learnt

15 December 2020, York – A debut self-help book by 47-year old York-based author Lissa Collier has been released to help people who are facing divorce or going through it. Called Big Girl Pants, it provides a fly on the wall view of what it’s like to get divorced with five key lessons on how to keep it amicable and come out stronger for it.

Divorce rates and enquiries about divorce have skyrocketed during the pandemic and are expected to rise further as we head into 2021. Big Girl Pants combines the true story and personal diary entries of author Lissa Collier, with practical, down to earth, ‘slightly sweary’ advice on how to get through divorce amicably and end up happier as a result.

‘I didn’t want to get divorced, but once faced with it, I was determined to do it well and to remain as amicable as possible for the sake of our two teenage sons,’ explains Lissa, not always an easy task thanks to some of the real life plot twists that occurred. ‘At times it was simply a case of putting my big girl pants on and getting on with it, hence the title.’

After repeating the same advice to people who asked how she was remaining so calm, she decided to put it down on paper. ‘I wrote the book in just five days while staying in a little cottage at the sea. I wanted to let people know that even if it feels like their world is falling apart, it is possible to come out stronger at the end of it by simply following five key lessons,’ she says.

While the book is helpful for people facing divorce, it is also useful for the friends and family members of the person getting divorced, who want to understand what they might be going through and how they can help them through it.

The book is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback versions, ISBN number: 979-8580954905. www.lissacollier.com


About the author

Lissa Collier (a pseudonym) is a single mum to two teen boys. Hailing from South Africa, she now lives in Yorkshire working full-time in marketing.

Big Girl Pants is her first book, which she wrote in just five days in a little cottage on the Cornish coast.




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