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Big Brother Type Software Helps Parents Protect Their Children Online

Press Release: September 08, 2015

DeviceAngel is a software application that helps parents secretly record their children's internet activity, social media accounts and general computer usage all from the comfort of their tablet, phone or any computer connected to the web.

Essential for parents worried, concerned and left in the dark about what their children get up to on the web, how they use social networking sites such as Facebook and what they chat about. The number of stories in the news regarding cyber bullying and online predators is extremely scary, however parents can help protect their young ones by using DeviceAngel to find out exactly what their children do on the internet and take action if anything looks suspicious.

The basic internet history feature found in most web browsers is easily erased by many children, which is why DeviceAngel records every website they visit even if their child clears the history. The ‘private mode' which is again found in most browsers for anonymous webpage viewing is also captured by DeviceAngel. To offer even more online protection DeviceAngel can block adult websites and will alert parents when websites are blocked.

In under five minutes parents are able to successfully install DeviceAngel on their child's laptop or computer. Parents will then never have to access that computer again, instead parents simply sign in to their DeviceAngel online account at any time to view everything their children did.

Intuitive and easy-to-use, DeviceAngel shows parents all recordings of what their children did. Parents can access the online account from their tablet, phone and any computer connected to the web.

A free trial is available from the DeviceAngel website and no payment is required to use the free trial.
The paid for edition costs $45 USD / £29 GBP / €39 EUR.

Website: http://www.deviceangel.com/secretly-record-my-childrens-computer-activity

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